vendredi, mars 04, 2005

sorcier glouton 

February 2004, PROMO-WEB site launched a web ranking contest on "mangeur de cigogne" (stork eater in french) key-words.

March 2005, a new SEO contest is organized by same agency based on sorcier glouton keywords (greedy wizard in french).

The goal of the contest, who's open to everyone, is to take the first place on MSN Search who will decide between the participants June 15, 2005. Entry to the sorcier glouton competition is open to everybody, worldwide.

NONAME who has taken the second place in "mangeur de cigogne" contest participates to this sorcier glouton competition.

No method of SEO and promotion is prohibited. In part this competition exists to test the strengths and weaknesses of MSN Search.

Ka, french graphist, has drawn sorcier glouton's portrait. Look at the blog to get sorcier glouton news.

Webmasters (links) who like to make a link exchange with sorcier glouton web site are welcome.

<A HREF="http://www.noname.fr/sorcier-glouton/"
TITLE="sorcier glouton">sorcier glouton</A> by NONAME

sorcier glouton's web site : www.noname.fr/sorcier-glouton

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